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    Our Company :

    Tamilnadu Cements Corporation Limited (TANCEM) was formed during February, 1976 as a public limited company under the provisions of the Companies Act, 1956, its Registered / Corporate Office is situated at 735, Anna Salai, LLA Building, 2 nd Floor, Chennai 600 002.

    Our Business :

    The company is engaged in the manufacture and selling of Cement, Asbestos Cement Sheets and Stoneware Pipes. The factories are situated in various districts of Tamilnadu as under:

    • Alangulam Cement Works, Alangulam, Virudhunagar district,
    • Ariyalur Cement Works, Ariyalur district,
    • Tamilnadu Asbestos (Sheet) , Alangulam, Virudhunagar district,
    • Stoneware Pipe Factory, Virudhachalam, Cuddalore district.

    Our Commitments:

    (A) On achieving excellence in production

    1. We are committed to maintain the highest quality standards by ensuring compliance with all laid down specifications.
    2. We shall achieve the highest capacity utilisation of plant and machinery thus ensuring maximum operational efficiency.
    3. We shall involve and motivate all our employees in the process of production thus ensuring the highest productivity.
    4. We shall adopt the latest technologies by modernising the plants and plant practices besides bringing about continuous process improvements.

    (B) On achieving excellence in supply & distribution:

    1. We shall make available cement and other products to the common consumers at affordable prices by only providing for a reasonable margin of profit.
    2. We shall ensure supply to all Government Departments / Agencies engaged in public works activities at price cheaper than those in the market.
    3. We shall develop an effective market net work of stockists and dealers thus making cement and other products available all over Tamil Nadu and in neighbouring States.
    4. We shall adopt a transparent and healthy approach to market cement and other products thereby setting and example in the industry.

    (C) On Environment:

    1. Produce eco-friendly quality cement, Asbestos Cement sheets and stoneware pipes by adopting innovative technologies.
    2. Comply with all relevant environmental legislations and regulations.
    3. Conserve and optimise the usage of resources namely Power, Coal, other raw materials like Limestone, and other permissible additives, Fly Ash etc. within the limits as fixed by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).

    (D) Human Resources Development:

    1. We shall periodically impart training to our employees so as to inculcate in them a sense of national priority, industrial excellence and consumer friendliness.
    2. We shall maintain harmonious Industrial Relations and enhance the quality of life of our employees.
    3. We shall improve the conditions of the people living in the neighbourhood of our factories by participating in community development projects in these areas.
    4. We shall imbibe the latest development in cement technology in the world through purposeful interaction with the cement industry in India and abroad.
    5. We shall continue to encourage our Scientists and Engineers engaged in research and development efforts to produce cement and cement products adopting eco-friendly technology resulting at, least social and economic costs.
    6. We shall continuously improve the Quality Management System by implementing ISO-9001-2000 and through formation of Quality Circles among the shop floor employees by inculcating the awareness.


    1. Cement is supplied directly to the Govt. departments and stockists appointed in various places in Tamilnadu and Kerala. A.C.Sheets are supplied directly to the stockists and through our depots situated in Pondicherry, Kerala. Stoneware Pipes are directly supplied from the factory.
    2. Quality complaints on Cement, A.C.Sheets and Stoneware Pipes are received at the respective factories and our quality personnel attend to the same on war footing basis as and when the situation warrants. Generally the quality complaints are attended within a week’s time.
    3. The company periodically conducts the stockists meeting at various important cities in Tamilnadu and redresses the stockists / customers’ grievances.

    General :

    1. Information-cum-facilitation counters are created in our production units for providing information to the public and other visitors.
    2. Continuous committed efforts are being taken by TANCEM to use the state of the art technology machinery wherever required in the manufacturing system to achieve quality and reduce the cost of production at all possible levels.
    3. For more details about the company, products profile and other details please or contact the company’s Email address:
    4. Liaison is available through the Nodal Officer posted exclusively for this purpose at Corporate Office and his office/Residential address are given below:


    Office Address:
    Company Secretary
    Tamilnadu Cements Corpn. Ltd.
    735, Anna Salai, LLA Buildings,
    Chennai – 600 002.
     +91 (0)44 28525461
    Direct: +91 (0)44 28583438
    Fax: +91 (0)44 28523991
    Residential Address: